When is the best tweet sharing time?

When is the best tweet sharing time?

In your opinion, when should the best sharing be made on Twitter? 9 am Monday? I think again!

Unfortunately, there is not a solution that fits everyone despite dozens of analyses on the best tweet sharing time. May be suitable for small and medium businesses on Monday mornings, but if your followers sleep early in the morning or are in a meeting or are on their way to work?

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It’s really hard to find a time frame called Twitter the best time for everyone. For example, if all companies tweet to their followers at 9 am on Monday, the followers will be exposed to many tweets that they cannot interact with.

So the real question is what is the best Tweet sharing time? It should be. The best problem for companies is, “What is the best tweet time for my company?” it would be better.

The best answer may be when your followers are online.

In the examination conducted by Lead Sift among millions of tweets and tweets shared by online followers, it was revealed that there were obvious differences according to the demographic, psychological, and different buying habits of the users.

It was found that early risers are mostly from the rich and listen to the radio program while checking Facebook accounts. This group is generally more active between 12 am and 8 am, so those who choose these people as target groups will be better off tweeting early in the morning.

When is the best tweet sharing time?

Those who log in to social media late at night are different people, that is, young people who are tweeting to order food at night food companies, who are after magazine and gossip news.

In the infographic below, you can see the profiles of social media users at different times throughout the day to give you an idea of the best tweet sharing time for your company.

What is your best tweet-sharing time for the target segment you set? I would be glad if you share with me and followers below.

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