Twitter expands testing of fleet-like stories to Italian users.

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After launching the Fleets option for users in Brazil for the first time in March, Twitter now expands the test for users in Italy and continues to collect feedback on the tool.

The fleets, as you can see in these images, are very similar to the “Stories” with a new panel with rounded profile icons at the top of the Twitter home feed, which, when touched, connects you to full-screen posts that disappear after 24 hours.

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Although Twitter doesn’t specifically say that “Stories” is a source of inspiration – according to Twitter product manager Kayvon Bakpur, “Navy” has grown because people regularly say that they don’t feel comfortable Tweeting:

“Because tweets can be viewed and heard by anyone, feel constant and effective (how many likes and retweets will this get?

Twitter also sought to solve the first problem by launching a new audience control test on every tweet. And now, Fleets is getting an expanded look that will help Twitter improve and improve the product before the full release.

So what did twitter learn from using the fleets at the moment?

The Twitter team shared these initial observations and notes:

The fleet makes it easy for people to share their thoughts

It’s easier for people to start convoys with the fleets, and they too are starting to tweet more / DM

When people send a fleet, they often quickly share a few thoughts.

It’s still * very early *, but we see fewer abuses with the fleets since only a small percentage is reported every day.

I mean, these are not too insightful pointers, this is basically what you expect. But, nevertheless, the potential reduction of abuse is an important point, even within a small set of samples, and this may indicate that it is a valuable tool for solving the problems noted by Beykpour above.

Twitter says he likes what he sees on the fleets in Brazil, but he still has something to learn and update before deciding whether the fleets should come to everyone on Twitter.

So he may never get the full version. But it will probably be.

LinkedIn is also gradually introducing its own versions of stories in the same way, and now LinkedIn stories are available to users in Brazil and the Netherlands. This way, you can soon get a stream of stories on various social networks – which, according to usage statistics, is what people increasingly want. But the joint introduction of new Stories options can very quickly have a significant impact on consumption habits.

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