Strategies to increase content sharing on social media.

strategies to increase content sharing on social media.

A recent report released by Buzzsumo found that the average content sharing on social media has decreased. One of the reasons for this is the competition. Too much content is published daily.

On the platform alone, around 80 million posts are published each month. And that excludes most WordPress websites, which are self-hosted.

Another factor for this decrease is that social networks like Facebook are restricting the reach of the pages.

Facebook’s new algorithm prioritizes people’s posts over pages in the newsfeed, as their research found that users prefer this. It has resulted in fewer people viewing posts shared by company pages.

That’s why if you are serious about getting more traffic from social media, you should proactively implement strategies that get people to share your articles as much as possible.

Write the best content:

As mentioned above, a lot of content is being published. If you want to stand out, creating good content is no longer enough. Your content must be the best! People will only want to share their content with their followers instead of their competitors’ content if they think theirs is better. So here are some tips to help you create the best content.

strategies to increase content sharing on social media.

As you can see from the chart above, posts that are between 0 and 1000 words get fewer shares, and as the length of posts increases, they get more shares.

According to the Orbit Media survey, most bloggers write posts of between 500 and 1,000 words.


Therefore, to compete with them, you must write posts that have more than 1,500 words. Only a smaller percentage of people write longer posts.


If you have a dedicated content team, you should produce two to three posts of this length each week. But if you’re short on time, you can write just one blog post that has more than 1,500 words every week or once every two weeks.

An added benefit of writing longer posts is that they rank higher in search engines, as this Backlink study found.


Just adding share buttons and sharing it across your pages won’t help you combat competition and decrease engagement on social media.

So, to help you get powerful results, I am going to share the best strategies to increase the sharing of your content on social media…

Posts appear the first page of Google has an average word count of 1,890 words. So before writing your long blog post, do thorough keyword research and strategically use these terms naturally in your post.

Therefore, include images in your posts. These can be graphics, stock photos, screenshots and anything else that complements it.

But if you want to get traffic from a specific social network, you should optimize your post taking into account the image preferences of that social network.

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