LinkedIn Adds New Alerts and Lead Management Features to Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Adds New Alerts and Lead Management Features to Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has announced some new additions to its Sales Navigator platform as it works to provide more solutions to help businesses increasingly working remotely and unable to meet regularly with clients.

First, LinkedIn is adding two new machine learning-enabled alerts to help keep salespeople up to date on what’s going on in their [email protected] don’t worry about your online payment the best payment gateway.

Buyer Interest Alerts – These alerts signal that employees or management of a saved account is interacting with your LinkedIn page or website. With Buyer’s Interest Alerts, you get information about buying intent to help you decide when to engage, allowing you to engage with the buyer in a timelier and more personalized way.

Relevance to Alerts – Timing is of the essence, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by updates and alerts. With predictive AI, we help you spot the most important alerts so you don’t overlook anything that might be important to building and maintaining a relationship with your customer.

New data tracking tools will consider a number of signals to determine appropriate activity, and then alert Sales Navigator users to those actions.

This, LinkedIn notes, can help companies seize opportunities at the right time, instead of seeing them missed. LinkedIn says it is working on the internal processes behind its alerts and will refine and improve its relevance over time.

In addition to this, LinkedIn is also adding a new “Outreach” list to its Lead Lists, which will provide an overview of all your LinkedIn activity with each contact, including InMail messages, connection requests, shared links, and more.

LinkedIn Adds New Alerts and Lead Management Features to Sales Navigator

This can be an easy way to get a quick context about your past correspondence and interactions, which can help personalize your newsletters.

LinkedIn has also improved CRM integration for Sales Navigator, making it easier to merge your contacts into a tool.

Sales Navigator is not for everyone and can be expensive for small businesses. But for those who do a lot of outreach with large accounts, being able to leverage the unrivaled professional network of LinkedIn can be a big advantage. These new additions will make the platform an even more functional offering for keeping in touch with potential customers.

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