How to watch and download Instagram stories anonymously?

How to watch and download Instagram stories anonymously?

Instagram is one of the most popular image-sharing platforms among teenagers with story feature the next market for social platforms and social media influencers. When you’re watching someone’s Instagram story, they’ll be listed in the Watched list. That means there is no way to do so unless you anonymously view and download Instagram stories and send them via DM.

I downloaded Instagram Stories anonymously in search of finding a way to see and found some solutions through some third-party tools available today. Some apps are for iOS only, others are for Android only. These apps will allow you to view Instagram stories that they don’t know.

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View Instagram stories anonymously

Therefore, I will introduce the tool list by dividing it. Includes websites available for iOS apps, Android apps, and computers.

1.An iOS app to view and download Instagram stories anonymously

One of the most popular and widely used apps available for iPhone/iPad is “Story Reposted on Instagram.”

The app is published for free and has a simple material UI. With this app, you just enter the username of the person you want to see the story and press enter. All stories published by that person are displayed in the app, and you can also repost or share them. Of the share option, you can also save the story of the image/video to the local iPhone or iPad.

2.An Android app to view and download Instagram stories anonymously

Unlike iOS, there are many apps available on the Android platform of the Google Play store. The Instagram Story Viewer app for Android is free to use, but with ads. StorySaver + and GhostView Instagram Few of the popular apps available on the Play Store to download stories.

Of StorySaver + anyone to see the story of Instagram / As you can see, save and view it later. You can also use this tool to stream Instagram Live anonymously. With this app, you can download profile photos, posts, videos, and images of any user without anyone knowing. It has a built-in gallery function that displays all downloaded stories and photos. This way you can see Instagram stories personally,

How to watch and download Instagram stories anonymously?

3.View and download Instagram stories anonymously on your PC

PC/Mac, many website services promote the opportunity to view and share Instagram stories of any user for free, even if there are no native apps available. All online tools available guarantee full anonymity and privacy, as you don’t even have to log in to Instagram or any other account.

All of these apps will help you view Instagram stories personally. While useful for a variety of social and personal reasons, you should always be aware that respecting privacy is also essential. These tools may download Instagram stories to your phone, so it’s a good idea to remove them at the end of the day.

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