Email marketing is one of the most used resources to retain and convert customers. Sending emails is always an efficient and necessary measure for any company. With such confirmed effectiveness, the problem of email marketing is not ineffectiveness, but in the ability or inability to get a serious and efficient database. How can this database be obtained in a natural and less invasive way? Organizing contests on social networks is a good alternative.

Suitability of organizing a contest on social networks

By now we already know that, if a business refuses to use social media to promote itself, it will have decided to bet on failure. The high percentage of users who visit their profiles on social networks is infinitely higher than the one who visits web pages. In fact, it is about receiving a kind of news list from those people, music groups or companies that follow voluntarily. This is the space in which you have to act intelligently.

We explain ourselves. If we send a seller message talking about prices and technical characteristics, nobody will register on a landing page. If the same person sees an attractive photograph, complete information about the award they will receive and, in addition, they are told that they only have to like and send their email address on a landing, we will be increasing the base of data of our potential clients.

Furthermore, they will be the ones who have decided to enter it. Then you will have to take care of the type of email marketing that is sent to you, but the first objective has already been achieved.


Possible ideas to organize a contest on social networks

Imagination to power, which is often said, although a little help always comes in handy. On this basis, it may be easier to create such a contest that achieves the above objective in less time. Remember that on Facebook there are a series of tools, such as Agorapulse, that will help us design a quality contest, with modern graphics and everything necessary to offer the best possible image.

Photography contest

It is one of the most recurring and continues to work. Anyone can take a photo with their mobile phone and upload it to Facebook. In these contests, it is important to reward originality without forgetting the sense of humour. Proposals such as the funniest image with one of our products are as appropriate as they are effective in increasing our databases.

Video contest

It is another version of the previous contest, but with the caveat that it takes more work to present something worthy. The award must be up to the circumstances.


The classic raffle is possibly one of the most widely used contests. If the prize is acceptable and has a certain economic value, we will be able to increase our databases in a very short time.  

Anecdotes or funny stories

On many occasions, brands need to know their customers better. It is very useful to allow them to tell any anecdote related to a product in question or, if we manage a travel agency, to a specific destination. The client will write what he deems appropriate, feeling free when it comes to exposing all kinds of details. We will have another recipient in our databases for future email marketing campaigns.

Questionnaire about the latest advertising campaigns

This contest will not only help us achieve the objectives already listed, it will also allow us to know whether or not our advertising is useful. We can ask a series of questions about the latest product or service we have advertised and offer an interesting prize. Depending on the responses received, we will get to know what to correct to be more effective.  

Promotion of creativity

If our company is modern and committed to creativity, we should not limit our potential customers. Thus, we can propose a larger context in which it is allowed to participate with a photograph, a video, a text or whatever each person prefers.  the customer will never feel compelled to do something concrete and our online reputation will improve significantly.



And after the contest?

When we make the comparison between the email marketing recipients that we had before and after the contest, we can analyze the result of the contest. It is very important that we manage our databases in a similar way to the way in which we have organized the contest in question.

That is, if we have given a fresh, young, updated and different image, let’s not throw that work in the trash by sending outdated emails, without attractive offers and with poor-quality text. Furthermore, if we rely on the responses received, we can also fine-tune our commercial offer to suit those new clients who have voluntarily opted to participate in our proposal.

Email marketing cannot make the mistake of being immovable and of not adapting to customers. Falling into fixed structures, sending a text with an inappropriate style and, ultimately, continuing to carry out these campaigns as usual, will mean returning to the starting point.

In other words, the increase in our databases should not take us by surprise and should not be a fact unrelated to the renewal of the contents of our website. The contest will attract more traffic to our page, which must rise to the occasion and be appropriate to new customers.

Let’s remember that, before acting, we have to change everything necessary to assimilate this sensible increase in clientele that we will have. What’s more, what if the idea was to make a contest in which our clients comment on what they like best about our new website? Thus, it will be easier to understand that a new commercial-stage begins for us. 

Imagination should be used, none of the responses received should be dismissed, and fixed structures should only lead to commercial disaster. We put ourselves at the entire and total disposal of those who need it to help them achieve the best objectives in a progressive, natural and intelligent way.

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