How the hotel industry uses social media?

How the hotel industry uses social media?

Understand user behaviour and attributes from social media reactions

Social media has changed the relationship between companies and consumers and has become the centre of marketing measures. Hotels and their associated restaurants are keen to post content and spread the service on social media. So, data analytics firm Absolut data explained how the hotel industry uses social media.

Social media helps us observe that behaviour from consumer posts. Especially, it is a great advantage to be able to analyze the reaction when the campaign is executed. For example, you can use Facebook to understand your audience’s age, hobbies, gender, and language.

Respond to guest’s post after stay and improve facilities and services

Social media is available as a channel to hear positive and negative opinions about your stay at the hotel. A person who booked a hotel from social media advertising may complain after staying on the same social media platform. We must respond promptly to user posts and reviews, and improve equipment and services. If you deal with dissatisfied users with sincerity, you can turn them into positive influencers.

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In addition to increasing inflows to our own website,

measures for social media that aim to build a long-term brand will increase traffic to our own website and inflows to online reservation sites. As the inflow to your site increases, the search engine’s reputation may increase, so it may appear in the search results in a higher rank. In addition, social media is expected to be effective not only for short-term sales increase but also for long-term brand building.

found that posting videos is an easy way to engage people with the hotel and its surroundings. Sometimes hotels send us content about any event they have on or near the property, or maybe, if they want to showcase an employee, they will send us a picture and the content behind it. They will send Christmas trees and Halloween costumes to customize the hotels so that people don’t think of it as just another hotel. By posting about associates, we humanize our hotel so that attention is paid to our great associates, as well as the hotel culture itself.

How the hotel industry uses social media?

As another part of our social media plan, we strive to share up-to-date information on things to do in the local area and connect with nearby local businesses that might advise their guests on our accommodation offerings. Is there a tourist landmark, attraction, or hotspot near the hotel? Follow the pages and promote your services to your followers.

Travel-related photos and videos are popular content for many. The hotel industry must seize the opportunity and strive to deliver the best information at the right time. If that measure is successful, social media will increase customer engagement and lead to new customer acquisition.

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