Facebook Messenger all you need to know.

Facebook Messenger all you need to know.

Messenger, an instant messaging service, replacing Facebook Chat. You do not need an account Facebook, to use Messenger. Although they are partly related, when you have an account Facebook, you do not need to have one in order to use Messenger.

Access to Facebook Messenger.

Messenger can be used with Facebook on your computer or use Messenger.com Messenger mobile app on Android and iOS devices. Since the Messenger runs on the iPhone, it also runs on Apple Watch.

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Although Messenger is easily accessible through the web site Messenger, your Facebook account on your PC and mobile applications, you can install add-ons in some browsers for faster access. These additions are not the official Facebook app. These third-party extensions that third-party developers have released free. For example, Firefox users can post Messenger on their screens and use it on other websites in the split-screen mode with the Facebook Messenger for the superstructure.

Messenger Features:

The Messenger packed with many features. The fact that you do not need to have a Facebook account, to use Messenger, meaning that these benefits are available even for people who do not subscribe to Facebook, or closed their accounts.

Share text, pictures, and videos.

At its core Messenger – is an application for text messaging for both personal and for group messages, but it can also send pictures and videos. Messenger also includes many built-in emoticons, stickers, and GIF-files.

Some useful features included in Messenger, – is an input indicator that shows you when one print delivered receipts, read receipts, and time stamp when the message was sent, and the other – when the recipient has read most recently.

As in Facebook, Messenger allows you to respond to messages as on the website and in the annex.


Another great opportunity to share images and videos via Messenger is an application and a web site collects all media, so you can quickly view them.

If you are using Messenger with your Facebook account in Messenger, you receive any private Facebook message. You can delete these texts, as well as archive and decompress the message to show or hide them from the permanent viewing.

Additional features in Facebook Messenger.

Although Messenger is not a calendar, it allows you to create reminders on events with the button “Reminders” in the mobile app. Another way to do this – send a message containing a link to the day, and the app will automatically ask you if you want to make a reminder.

Sending a message in a mobile application, Messenger allows you to request a visit to your account Lyft and Uber.

You can change the name of the group message and alias members. The color theme of every conversation chains can also be modified.

Sound clips can be sent through the Messenger if you want to send a message without having to send text messages or make a full audiobook.

Notifications can be disabled for each call a certain number of hours or completely disabled for the desktop version of Messenger, or through the mobile app.

Add new contacts Messenger, inviting contacts from your phone, or if you are on Facebook, your friends on Facebook. There is also a special scan code, which you can get from the app and share it with others, who can then scan your code to instantly add you to my messenger.

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