Facebook is testing new “engagement notifications” for groups topics and discussions.

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Facebook is testing a new option that will allow group administrators to set up special alerts for posts that show increased activity in their communities.

As you can see in these screenshots from Facebook group administrator Karen Cummings (together with social media expert Matt Navarra), in addition to the “Keyword Alerts” that Facebook deployed late last year, some administrators have a new option to create “Obligations”. Alerts also.

Like Facebook, commitments alerts let administrators know “when messages or comments in your group get a big response.”

When you decide to set up an alert, you can also select the specific types of interaction you want to know about, so if you want to be informed about messages that receive a lot of angry replies in your group, you can make sure that you receive a notification, which can help you maintain order and/or strengthen your participation in groups, depending on what you choose.

This tool provides Facebook group administrators with another way to better manage their groups, even if they cannot be online all the time. Now you can keep abreast of key posts that can not only help you take appropriate action in response but can also help you inform you about what your group wants to interact with.

For example, if you want to know what makes people talk, you can set up a comment or warning, and the following tips can help you better understand.

The new option is currently in test mode, some Facebook group administrators see this option, while others do not. We have requested additional information from Facebook and will update if / when we respond.

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