Facebook about the situation related to COVID-19

Facebook about the situation related to COVID-19

Facebook warns of delays in approving ads due to staff changes due to the impact of COVID-19

The crisis associated with the global epidemic does not bypass anyone. The problems affect both profitable corporations and global companies. Facebook closes its offices and asks employees to work in a remote system during the COVID-19 outbreak. This means that many contract employees who are unable to work outside the office simply do not work, which has reduced Facebook and Instagram in several areas.

Facebook uses contractors to moderate content, and the company warned earlier this week that this could lead to delays and errors as it increases dependence on automated systems to detect and remove posts that violate the rules.

Facebook contractors also carry out ad reviews, which, as Facebook says, also means that there may be some delays in approving ads.

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We use a combination of people and technology to check ads on Facebook and Instagram, where our automated systems already play a large role in this process. We rely on automated technology even more due to the limited and remote workforce.

Facebook says it can mean:

  • Delayed review of ads and commercial offers
  • An increase in the number of incorrectly disapproved ads
  • Delayed or limited appeals

This is not ideal, especially since advertisers are looking for alternative ways to reach potential customers and maintain their income while blocking. If you want to limit the potential impact on your Facebook ads, one of the Facebook team leaders Rob Leathern advises that brands be able to extend the display time of the most effective ads instead of creating new ones.

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Facebook about the situation related to COVID-19

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The crisis of companies advertising on Facebook

Facebook also notes that these changes will delay the approval of revenue-generating content options:

All the content you earn undergoes brand safety assessments. This includes instant articles and videos with ads in the stream. As our ability to check for new content is limited, we cannot approve all content monetized. We are working on how to support partners.

This can be very important for video makers who want to generate revenue from Facebook.

Of course, changes are being implemented in all areas and we are all working to understand this new landscape and how we can navigate it and minimize many of its effects. Changes in the Facebook process are not perfect, but like everything else, we need to show understanding and patience by filling in the gaps and making everything changes.


Managing your company’s marketing in social media during an ongoing epidemic may not be easy, be patient, and remember the advice above.

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