Do not buy monetized YouTube channels.

Do not buy monetized YouTube channels.

Be careful if you are considering buying a monetized YouTube channel

Due to the influence of the crown, more people began YouTube. It’s very fun to share your special skills, hobbies, and things that benefit people across the Internet. YouTube also has a setting to win it. YouTube, if you have more than 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 hours of playback in a year, you can put ads on your videos and make money. It is quite natural that most people want to get advertising revenue if they publish videos, but YouTube users just beginning, are well aware of how difficult it is to this standard monetization. to think. Perhaps at that time, some might wonder if they can buy monetized channels from the beginning. This time, I’ll explain what happens when you buy such a profitable trading account.

First, let’s see how generates income monetized YouTube channel. The recognition that “YouTuber can make money” is becoming a common recognition that is spreading to the general public. Probably the reason is that privacy and television you can watch on your videos are presented in the mansion and a luxury car. Revenues of the top YouTubers can be converted to some extent according to the number of video views, a number of videos, and the number of subscribers. We investigated the 10 most profitable channels in Japan at this time, so take a look.

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(Approximately depending on the number of visitors and subscribers. Excluded channels for children, corporations, artists and performers channels).

Even if you only look at this, you can see that YouTube is a dream job that can earn huge amounts of money. What if you could imagine that one day suddenly becomes the master of that channel? How much would pay to run and win a monetized account without being a top YouTuber?

Where I can buy monetized YouTube channels?

Most things in the world can be bought for money. However, some of them include things you can buy but do not buy. The bottom line is that you can buy a monetized YouTube account, but you should not. The reason for this will be explained in the next chapter, but first, explain how it actually sells.

Do not buy monetized YouTube channels.

Monetized YouTube accounts are mainly sold on auction sites like Yahoo Auction, sales sites like coconala skills, and sites that sell accounts as RMT games. The amount of money is quite high, about 50,000 to 100,000 yen. The main flow after purchase is.

① Transaction completed.

② designated deposit account.

③ Share Google account.

④ invites the buyer’s account to channel as an owner.

⑤ After accepting the invitation of the owner, change to the principal owner.

⑥ Delete the previous user account.

⑦ Transfer completed.

The procedure until the transfer is performed in this flow. The total playing time and the number of subscribers at the time of the transfer will vary depending on the site and the amount of money bought, but naturally inherit subscriber’s 1000 standard monetization and 4000 hours of total playing time. Because it is an exhibition at the auction site basically is an exchange between individuals. In recent years, the number of platforms for the exchange of goods and services among several people has increased, but in such places, everyone wants to buy as much as possible to trusted users. Many of the criteria for determining reliability are left to review comments.

Originally, one has high reviews and high ratings appear to be a good seller, but depending on the seller, the buyer asks for a review of high evaluation and, instead, evaluates the price of the product. Interactions like throwing are rampant. The operating side of the platform prohibits such behavior, but it does not mean we have cracked down on everything. You may not judge that you are a single reliable vendor that your comments are good. In addition, since it is a personal interaction, there is a risk that even if he realizes that it is an after fraud that the transaction is closed, it will be very difficult to trace if the account is deleted and the cloud is hidden. Would you like to buy a YouTube channel with all this risk?

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What happened when you buy monetized channels?

So what happens if you actually buy an account as well? As I said, do not buy a monetized YouTube account. Strictly speaking, it makes little sense to buy. First, the purchase and sale of an account is prohibited by the Terms of YouTube. Since the terms were revised service YouTube last year, the rules relating to the transfer on the site have become less visible, so some sites say that the transfer of channels is not a violation of the rules, but if notes with firmness, can see that I’ll be specified.

There it is. In other words, the act of transferring the YouTube channel between users is prohibited. YouTube, or more specifically, its parent company, Google, has some of the most advanced technologies in the world. It is very easy for Google, which develops various technologies like AI, autonomous driving, voice recognition, and control appliances, to detect whether a channel has been transferred to another person. Google monitors the unnatural movements depending on various factors, such as IP address and location information to connect to the Internet, the content of the videos, the flavor of the words used, the trend of the operation of the screen. If there is an unnatural motion, the operation will be immediately notified and verified by the human eye.

Do not buy monetized YouTube channels.

What happened if you buy a channel?

What if Google detects that you bought a YouTube channel? In general, if it violates the YouTube terms of service, you will be issued a warning gradually. If your content violates community guidelines, it will be affected in the following order:

Prior warning: a single warning for the first offense, a warning will remain in the channel forever. If there is an error, you can request a re-examination.

First violation warning: video, live broadcast, publish custom thumbnail, create or edit playlist for a week. It will remain for 90 days.

Second WARNING: The first violation warning alerted the second time within 90 days since the content was published for two weeks. It will remain for 90 days.

Third violation warning: The channel is permanently removed from YouTube to receiving a third warning within 90 days.

We are cracking down in stages. YouTube also reserves the right to remove the content creators to its exclusive discretion. If you publish a copyright infringement, adult content, or violent content, steps will be taken in stages, but only under the assumption that the user is not intentional. The account that purchased the channel will be severely determined to do this.

This is a story I heard from a person who actually bought a monetized channel but accidentally posted the same video twice. Although this act itself did not violate the community guidelines, it seems that it took the same level of action that forced removal of the video and the second warning violation because there was a suspicious movement. Of course, the announcement was removed. In other words, actions that are not violations or anything, what would otherwise have been several notices warning was taken without notice. If compared with football, the degree of violation precautionary changes → yellow-red card, it is as if the eyes of the referee were enough to receive a red-kick for offside. Are you ready for a game like that? Can you manage YouTube correctly?

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