Add music on Instagram

Add music on Instagram

If you say Instagram, you say Stories: a fresh and dynamic format that adds to the most classic images to help make our profile unique and inimitable, with fun and easy-to-create timed content to conquer more and more views and increase the number of Instagram follower. And if the social network has long found its balance on the functionality of the images, with the use of filters, hashtags, and different formats, the Stories are instead an ever-evolving format, with continuous news and more engaging content every day. One of these, introduced a few months ago, is also one of the most loved: the ability to add music to Instagram.

Music and videos for extraordinary stories

Images and videos on Instagram are among the most loved contents on the entire web: bright colors, perfect atmospheres, wonderful places. Who can resist these elements? And in fact, very soon this was reflected in the new dynamic format of the social of the photos, namely the Stories. The Stories have given Instagram users a new way of creating and sharing valuable content, bringing the concept of life back to the platform and adding many different formats, such as filters, stickers, or effects such as Boomerang. Over time, users began to want more: a musical background that could contribute to further animate the visual content, helping followers to enter more into the atmosphere of the content.

This is how apps for adding music content to videos both on the profile and within the Stories began to emerge.

The Music sticker for Instagram Stories

Collecting this implicit request for audio content hidden in the appearance of special third-party applications, Instagram developers soon released a new sticker inside the Stories creation tool, i.e. the Music sticker. Thanks to this new format it is possible, with the simplicity that also distinguishes all the other stickers, to add music to your Stories to share with the followers that song that we love so much and that is the ideal background for our video.

By adding the Music to Stories sticker it will be possible to search for a piece of music to make it the soundtrack of our content. Not only that: this option has been so successful that in the latest version of the app, the possibility of inserting the reading of the superimposed texts has also been introduced, so as to share the words of our favorite songs with our followers and – why not – kick off a fun karaoke.

 Add music on Instagram

How to add music to Stories

Adding music to Stories is very simple and follows the operation of all the other stickers or buttons we are used to on Instagram. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

enter your Instagram profile and click on the button to create a story;

if for the story we want to use a simple image or video ready, insert the desired content and then click on the menu of stickers in other: inside there is the sticker “Music”. By clicking on it we will have the opportunity to search for a song or choose one of the most popular of the moment and insert it;

if, on the other hand, the story we want to create is a live video, start the device’s video camera within the story and then look through the options below for the one called “Music”; also, in this case, we can search for the most suitable song and add it to our content.

Do not forget: auando sets the song within its content, the Music sticker for Instagram Stories offers the possibility to choose a duration between 5 and 15 seconds, giving priority to the refrains of the songs. The duration of the music can be chosen but not increased beyond 15 seconds while moving the selected part of the song it is possible to choose a piece that is different from the refrain.

I can’t put music on Instagram: what’s wrong?

This question is unfortunately common: although the functionality has been available for some time, there are many profiles that cannot use it and for which the adhesive is not yet visible. How to do? First, make sure you have installed the latest version of the app on your devices. If even after making sure that your app is updated you still cannot see the sticker relating to adding music to the Stories, try clearing the Instagram cache from your smartphone or tablet; you can do this by going to the settings of your device, looking for the list of apps and, after selecting Instagram, select “Clean the cache”.

If you still can’t see the option, be patient: this feature will also soon arrive on your profile. In the meantime, you can insert music as background for your live Stories simply by using third-party applications that remain open in the background, one on all Spotify.

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