3 ways to increase YouTube subscribers

3 ways to increase YouTube subscribers

YouTube doesn’t mean that fans will be formed immediately after uploading the video. Here are some tips to increase the number of subscribers, such as when uploading videos and writing profiles.

How to write a profile?

Icon and header are more important than the outline of the profile. Especially, the icon is a big indicator to decide whether to see it or not. When viewed on a smartphone, the image becomes a fairly small round image, so depending on the person, if the background is too colorful, the background may lose and the attractiveness of that person may be impaired.

 If you get lost, simply wear clothes of one color and contrasting colors, and set an icon that will show you the charm of that person even at a distance. The header has a prominent view of the world, so it is necessary to change the design depending on whether you want to look fashionable or interesting. Even though the video is an entertaining content, if the header is fashionable, the user will be wondering whether to subscribe to the channel.

Video upload timing

Not only on YouTube, but on Social Media, it is said that the number of browses tends to increase subscribers during the period after returning home to before going to bed, but many videos are uploaded accordingly. If there is a lot of competition, it will be buried even if you upload it. If you are a full-time housewife target, you can set the delivery time according to your channel targets, such as 10 o’clock when your husband took a break after work and the university student target, such as the break time.

3 ways to increase YouTube subscribers

How to add a title?

Similar to Google search, you can also aim for higher rank display in YouTube search. I won’t go into details because the details will be long, but at this point, it is quite effective just to put the keywords you want in the title. If there is a keyword you want to aim for, let’s put it in the title with a mast. If you see it on a smartphone with a long number of characters in the title, it may be cut off in the middle. For example, with the title Channel’s 10,000 Yen Eat Walk Series] Edition, the word may not be reached depending on the type of smartphone or browser. When posting a series video, use a short serial name or add it at the end of the title.

Although you will not be subscribed to the channel immediately after watching the video, it will be easier to connect to it by creating a worldview in the details of your profile and video. Let’s create a YouTube channel to be subscribed while watching for growth.

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