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Facebook helps launch Pro-Tech Group to fight Silicon Valley rules

Facebook is cautiously helping create a new advocacy group that will use targeted advertising and political spending to combat the negative narrative surrounding the tech industry. End of the game? Preparing to fight Washington as government officials try to curb and destroy big technology, reports The Washington Post.

The US Edge project, which has not yet been launched, argues that Silicon Valley is important for the US economy and future freedom of speech. On the group’s splash page, which aired on Tuesday night, the project is defined as follows: “… a newly formed bipartisan coalition that claims that American innovators are an integral part of US economic health, national security and individual freedoms”

Sources that are directly related to the group say that the role of Facebook in the group is crucial. “The United States leads the world of technology, and we must be proud of this fact and promote it,” said Facebook spokesman Andy Stone. “We are working with a diverse group of stakeholders to help support our industry, and although we are making efforts to build this coalition, this is one of the many that we contribute and support.”

Two people working with an advocacy group said its goal is to tell good stories about technology. “In the current political context, there is criticism in all sectors, so it’s important that the technology industry tells its story, both in the District of Columbia and across the country,” said Joe Lockhart, a group consultant and former White House spokeswoman, during a press conferences. Clinton administration. “There is no specific problem that the group will focus on, but the goal is to be an important voice in matters related to technology and our economy.”

“You might think that if you were these companies, it’s time to counter this narrative in the hope that it will remove some of the political pressure from law enforcement,” said Harry the First, a law professor at New York University who specializes in antitrust legislation and business. the crime. “What this group could try to achieve by changing the story and indirectly influencing law enforcement officials.”

American Edge is trying to stand out as a human rights coalition, not as a lobbying group. “I would generally call propaganda a soft form of lobbying,” said William Kovacic, a professor of law at George Washington University and a former commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission. “It is intended to indirectly change perceptions among politicians and decision-makers, and is intended for a wider, more attractive assessment among elites who tend to form opinions, and through these channels reach a popular audience.”

It is expected that American Edge, like other supporters of large technology corporations, starting with the Golden Age, will argue that strong restrictions on big technologies will only serve to stifle American innovation and at the same time will help foreign competitors such as China, according to man familiar with these efforts.

This nationalist perspective, coming from an organization with the same name as the «American Edge», can shake some patriots, especially if the group gets the right message. Once a pandemic is possible to imagine that companies such as Apple and the Google, they emit designed software for contact tracing, to help smooth the curve, or Facebook touts its efforts to help small businesses and to stop the misinformation.

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Facebook Launches New Support Tools for SMBs on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook introduced a new set of features to support SMEs that were affected by COVID-19, including the Instagram Small Business Support sticker and the Messenger update to simplify the direct response.

Here is what was announced:

First of all, Facebook is releasing the new “Small Business Support” sticker for Instagram, which includes not only the new sticker itself, but also allows users to share thumbnail images of the last three Instagram posts from the business they choose to highlight within. Their story.

As you can see here, after you select the “Small Business Support” sticker for your story, you then enter the Instagram handle for that business. Instagram fills the sticker with preview images from this account. Users cannot control which images are selected, but this provides another way to help showcase SMEs and attract more people to view.

This can be an extremely useful tool for branding, as well as essentially encouraging Instagram. This not only allows more people to visit more Instagram profiles, but also provides an additional incentive for small and medium-sized businesses to maintain a more active and attractive Instagram presence to support preview stickers.

In addition, whenever the “Small Business Support” sticker is used, this “Stories” frame can be added to the overall story, depending on the privacy settings — an example of this can be seen in the last image above. Tagged companies can also republish these stories through their own profile.

As already noted, this can give SMB even more incentive to maintain their Instagram profile and encourage their fans to use the “Small Business Support” sticker to promote their products and services.

If you run a small business, you should definitely think not only about the content that you post on Instagram – and how attractive it can be in a three-frame preview, but also about who you can contact to share new sticker. Be it influential people, friends, your existing audience, etc. This option has great advertising potential.

It is also worth noting that the sticker “Small Business Support” was first discovered during testing by reengineering expert Jane Manchun Wong last month, adding to Wong’s long list of discoveries.

On Facebook, the social network promotes the use of the hashtag #Support Small Business to help improve the detection of small and medium enterprises in its main application.

Facebook hashtags have always been a somewhat vague proposition. Some reports have indicated that adding hashtags to your Facebook posts does not affect subsequent reach and detection, while others find them useful with certain parameters.

Facebook itself has been balancing on the use of hashtags for many years, since enhanced privacy measures and personal sharing settings on the platform limit the effectiveness of hashtag detection, so they are more useful on more open networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

But lately, Facebook has been striving to focus more on hashtags. Over the past few months, Facebook has tested new blue highlighting for hashtags in Facebook posts to make tags stand out in the text.

Using the #Support Small Business tag here is consistent with this focus enhancement and could be another step on Facebook to re-emphasize hashtags as an improved detection measure.

And for small and medium-sized businesses, as in the case of the new Instagram support sticker, you should ask your community to use the hashtag to promote your business. If Facebook offers more people a search through the lists using the tips in the news feed, as described above, it’s worth considering how you can get your business within.

Facebook also provided templates and tools to help SMEs keep in touch with their customers during the pandemic, as well as a $ 100 million grant program for organizations directly affected.

These new options further expand Facebook support for small and medium-sized businesses – and there is great potential, a number of ways that can help small businesses survive the crisis.

Because of its many shortcomings and problematic elements, Facebook can also be an extremely useful communication tool – and although in the past some companies were burned for relying too much on the Social Network, leaving them at the mercy of their algorithms, initiatives like these. emphasize the valuable role that the platform can play in promoting the opportunities that Facebook has sought to demonstrate in its various responses to the pandemic.

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